Case Studies

We will talk (by phone or video conference). I’ll get a solid understanding of your project —scope, goals, and timeline. We’ll work together to capture the experience. We will discover if we are in sync and ready to start your project.

Step 1: The Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, I will:

  • Study your website and material you think is helpful to the project
  • Ask questions regarding:
    • Messaging goals
    • Competitive differentiators
    • Key message for your customer stories
    • The interviewee

Step 2: Strategic Planning

I am armed with all your expectations, goals, and data. I use this information to create insightful interview questions, and I will email the questions to you when I’m done. Once you approve, we are ready for a great interview that gathers information for a strong case study.

Step 3: Conduct the Interview

Now, the fun begins. I conduct the interview. I will email the interviewee the approved questions – they seem to like that. Don’t worry; I will make your interviewee feel right at home. I’ll conduct the interview, and it will be so engaging; it will be over before they know it. The best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Step 4: Create, Review, and Approve

Using the information I have gathered, I write a story that sells. I create an intriguing narrative that compels your client to read, think, and act. Then we take the following steps:

  • I email you the draft of the case study and wait for your approval
  • When you approve, I will send you the finalized copy

Still need more? Visit my FAQs page.

I look forward to working with you on your next project.

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